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With "Pine" being so widely used across the construction industry it is commonly found in heavy duty construction, building, furniture, joinery, mouldings, packaging, weatherboard, decking and fencing.

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NZ Oregon is easily identified by the prominence of growth ring bands between the early and latewood, as well its pale pinkish coloured heartwood and near-white sapwood. It is popular for timber framing, posts, beams, fencing, weatherboard and pergolas.


Japanese cedar is ideal as a cladding material for weight conscious applications like mobile tiny homes, as well as being recognized around the world as a cladding material suited for earthquake proof structures

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Macrocarpa is a low / medium-density softwood with similarities to Kauri. The heartwood is golden brown and has a speckled lustre, which is rare in timber. The sapwood is very light brown.

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Kwila is a high quality, strong and very durable hardwood, predominately used for decking, outdoor furniture and high-quality interior finishings.

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Rimu is a highly valued timber, distinctly versatile and beautiful in appearance, it has many uses. Used widely throughout character homes it is seen in floors, mouldings and even in structural framing. As a result, it is possibly New Zealand's best known native timber.

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Western Red Cedar is a very stable, lightweight and durable timber, predominately used for cladding and joinery.

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