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Rimu is a highly valued timber, distinctly versatile and beautiful in appearance, it has many uses. Used widely throughout character homes it is seen in floors, mouldings and even in structural framing. As a result, it is possibly New Zealand's best known native timber.

Botanical name: Dacrydium cupressinum

Other names: Red Pine

Source location: West Coast of the South Island

Stability: Sap: Stable, Colour: Stable, Heart: Stable

Durability in ground: Sap: Non Durable, Colour: Non Durable,
Heart: Non Durable

Durability above ground: Sap: Non Durable, Colour: Non Durable,
Heart: Moderately Durable


Heartwood is usually a rich red-brown colour with hints of golden yellow. Sapwood has a lighter brown tone and is generally even in colour. The intermediate colour zone is a varied light brown colour giving rise to interesting shadings of colour and grain.


DA Clean Heart, DA Clean Colour, DA Clean Sap, DB Select Knotty


Heartwood ideally suits exterior joinery and flooring applications. Colour and Sap are ideal for furniture and internal finishings like panelling and moulding.


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