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Macrocarpa is a low / medium-density softwood with similarities to Kauri. The heartwood is golden brown and has a speckled lustre, which is rare in timber. The sapwood is very light brown. It is a very stable wood, is easily sawn and has relatively low surface hardness, with good working and finishing characteristics and relatively uniform wood properties.

Botanical name: Cupressinum Macroparpa

Other names: N/A

Source location: South Island of New Zealand

Stability: Stable

Durability in ground: Moderately Durable

Durability above ground: Durable

Density: Approx 550kg/m3 (at approx12% MC)

Appearance: The prized clear heartwood is a flecked, light golden brown in colour and is often used instead of Kauri.

Uses: Furniture, joinery, flooring. panelling, weatherboard, pergolas, beams, landscaping, feature fencing, decking.

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