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We can freight to most depots New Zealand wide. With our products and our carriers offering competitive rates, we can compete on price. Get in touch for a quote

Timber framing is a fast, cost-effective and flexible solution for any new building project. We offer the option of low and high grade framing to suit your needs. If you would like to discuss the requirements of your building don't hesitate to get in touch.

We offer the following range of framing timber;


  • Oregon UT – Utility grade wet gauged, where stress graded or dry timber is not necessary.

Where higher specification stress graded timber is required:

  • Radiata MSG6 H1.2 dry frame

  • Radiata MSG6 H3.2 dry frame

  • Radiata MSG8 H1.2 dry frame

  • Radiata MSG8 H3.2 dry frame


Oregon UT - Utility Grade Wet Gauged

  • 45 x 45mm

  • 90 x 45mm

  • 140 x 45mm

  • 190 x 45mm

  • 240 x 45mm

Radiata - High Grade

  • 69 x 45mm

  • 90 x 45mm

  • 140 x 45mm

  • 190 x 45mm

  • 240 x 45mm

  • 290 x 45mm

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