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Other Names: Red Pine
Source location: West Coast of the South Island
Stability: Sap: Stable, Colour: Stable, Heart: Stable
Durability in Ground: Sap: Non Durable, Colour: Non Durable, Heart: Non Durable
Durability above Ground: Sap: Non Durable, Colour: Non Durable, Heart: Moderately Durable
Density: Approx 600 kg/m3 (approx at 12% MC)
Dimensions: n/a
Appearance: Heartwood is usually a rich red-brown colour with hints of golden yellow. Sapwood has a lighter brown tone and is generally even in colour. The intermediate colour zone is a varied light brown colour giving rise to interesting shadings of colour and grain.
Grades: DA Clean Heart, DA Clean Colour, DA Clean Sap, DB Select Knotty
Uses: Heartwood ideally suits exterior joinery and flooring applications. Colour and Sap is ideal for furniture and internal finishing’s like panelling and moulding.

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