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Botanical Name: Pinus Radiata
Other Names: Pine
Source location: New Zealand
Stability: Unstable
Durability in Ground: Needs the following treatment:- Untreated or H1- Interior, H3 – Exterior, H4 - Ground
Durability above Ground: n/a
Density: Approx 500kg/m3 (at approx 12% MC)
Dimensions: n/a
Appearance: Heartwood is an even to light chestnut brown and the sapwood is creamy white with predominant growth rings.
Grades: Grades range from clears to merch as it is used for joinery as well as boxing and construction.
Uses: Considered a “general purpose” timber, it is widely used for heavy duty construction, building, furniture, joinery, mouldings, packaging, weatherboard, decking and fencing.

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