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Helpful Hints on How to Get The Best Results Out of Your Natural Timber Flooring

  • Your Flooring purchase has been carefully kiln dried in a controlled atmosphere to a maximum of 12-14% moisture content.
  • Timber is a natural product made up of cells which will absorb any moisture from the atmosphere, so care must be taken on storage.
  • Do not store your flooring outside or stack directly on newly laid concrete floors.
  • Always put timber bearers under your stack.
  • We recommend that you strip stack your flooring in the environment that it will eventually be laid in, for a period long enough for it to adjust to the moisture content. Usually a minimum of one week
  • In the situation where under-floor heating or constant air conditioning is in use, we recommend that narrower flooring be used to keep the risk of shrinkage to a minimum.
  • In general, the narrower the flooring board is, the more stable it becomes.
  • The wider the board, the more likelihood of cupping occurring (the board turning up at the edges).
  • Flooring overlay must not be laid directly onto new concrete.
  • Any substrate must be fully dried or sealed before commencing.
  • Seek expert advice before proceeding.
  • We recommend that narrower boards be used when overlaying onto concrete substrate.
  • When laying flooring over joists, it is a good practice to seal the board all round before fixing.
  • In these cases, fixing can be by nail &/or glueing.
  • Hidden nailing can be achieved by applying adhesive to the joists & nailing down on an angle through the tongue side. The next board then covers the nail.
  • In all cases when using adhesives as your main means of fixing, the flooring must be weighted down while curing.
  • If there is any filling to be done, ie: nail holes etc., apply the first coat of sealer beforehand.
  • Further information can be obtained by visiting the following website & purchasing bulletins published by BRANZ: “” Once in site use keyword “Flooring”. Bulletin numbers; BU374 & BU390.
Kenneally Timber Products Ltd. cannot accept any liability should the above guidelines not be followed to ensure the correct installation of your flooring.
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